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Image on top of a boat with a few of the water and a bridge

Inland Tank &

Storage Barges

Our experienced, well trained personnel have logged countless hours on the canals, bayous and rivers along the Gulf Coast and are familiar with all of the oil and gas fields located along these waterways. Our vessels, both boats and barges, are designed to facilitate gathering liquids in the shallowest of waters. Our scheduling programs offer customers the assurance that their products will be moved in a prompt and efficient manner.

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Vessel Management

TALA Marine provides the following management services for 3rd party vessels:

  • Crewing

  • Operations

  • Training

  • Navigation

  • Maintenance 

  • Provisioning

  • Regulatory Compliance

Image of the Mississippi river with a bridge and a boat on the water.

Marine & Logistic Support

TALA Marine provides marine and logistic support for all parts of industry. TALA Marine maintains barge fleeting operations, marine traffic communications and movement on construction projects. We assist in rig moves, rig tending and construction projects with our large fleet of tugs with horsepower suited to meet any requirements. 



We offer first class marine transportation to our customers throughout the waterways of the United States. Though specializing in liquid cargo transportation for the oil, gas and petrochemical industries, we offer an almost unlimited array of marine services and logistics nationwide.


Our fleet continues to grow with twenty five push boats and over sixty tank barges operating from three strategic locations. With one of the youngest fleets in the marine transportation industry, we continue to invest heavily in new state of the art equipment. In addition, our aggressive maintenance program is designed to proactively identify and remedy maintenance issues, ensuring uninterrupted service to customers.

While we are very proud of our exceptional growing fleet, our experienced, well-trained personnel are our most valuable asset. In order to best serve the needs of our customers, we are committed to attracting and retaining the best employees. We offer competitive wages and benefits and a safe working environment that encourages effective interaction between employees and senior levels of management. This commitment has rewarded us with a team of personnel who are highly competent, dedicated to customer service and exceedingly conscientious about safety and environmental issues. By providing these dedicated employees with the latest technology, the best maintained equipment and expert training, we will continue to offer our customers the level of exemplary service they have come to expect.



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At TALA Marine, we recognize and appreciate the critical importance of responsible behavior in every facet of our operations, particularly in the areas of health, safety and environmental awareness. To this end, we have developed and put in place policies and procedures dedicated to the health and safety of our employees, the safeguarding of our customers' cargoes and protection of the environment.

In our business, safety awareness and safe practices are imperative and essential to our success.

With this in mind, our programs are designed and our employees trained to understand the importance of preventative measures needed to minimize, if not eliminate, any possibility of accidents. Our safety record is exemplary, and we proudly regard our employees, from the crewmen to the staff who support them, as among the most safety-minded in the industry.

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